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Introducing BBP Core Pro for bbPress: What’s New?

BBP Core Pro for bbPress:

We’ve got some exciting news for the bbPress community. With this major update, we’re introducing a suite of professional features designed to elevate your forum’s functionality and enhance user engagement.

Stay tuned to explore the enhanced capabilities that BBP Core Pro brings to your forum experience.

What is BBP Core?

For those who are not familiar with BBP Core, it is designed to serve as the cornerstone of your bbPress experience. BBP Core is a robust plugin designed to augment the functionality of your forum, offering a range of essential features that facilitate seamless interactions within your community.

Things BBP Core can help you with:

  • Easy forum thread creation & management.
  • Private reply for forum threads.
  • User voting system for threads & replies.
  • Solved/unsolved threads labeling.
  • Optimized for communities & support forums.
  • And so much more.

What’s New with BBP Core Pro?

To provide the bbPress community with more customization and functionality options. We’re bringing BBP Core Pro addition with major improvements and features.

Starting at $39 for a single site, BBP Core Pro will also provide custom licensing options including lifetime licenses for user convenience. 

BBP Core Pro Feature Highlights

Here are some of the key highlights that bbPress community should look out for. 

Admin Notifications

The new Admin Notifications feature is a game-changer for forum administrators and moderators. It ensures that crucial updates, reports, and alerts are promptly delivered, allowing for swift and efficient management of your community.

Community management work is difficult, and we acknowledge that. By providing our admins with real-time notification support, they will be able to resolve issues, conflicts, threads, or concerns much faster.

Each individual alert will be differently highlighted depending on its category, if it’s a reply on a thread, threads being marked as solved, etc.

Mini Profile Display

User profiles are a must have feature for modern community forums. These profiles indicate a user’s activity on the platform such as open threads, replies, favorite content, subscriptions, forum roles, etc. 

A great way of creating a sense of belonging and recognition amongst the members. And users are not limited to just showing a mini profile, BBP Core these mini profile displays can be customize to match the forum aesthetics.

Advanced Voting Features

Advanced Voting Features Pro gives you more control over how voting works on your forum. You can restrict voting to logged-in users, prevent new votes on closed topics, disallow self-voting, allow unlimited voting for administrators, and sort topics and replies based on their voting scores.

This can help you to reduce spam, improve the quality of discussion, and make your forum more user-friendly.

  • Restrict voting system for unregistered users.
  • Restrict voting for closed threads.
  • Block selfing voting.
  • Filter threads via votes. 

And more.

Post as Anonymous

Privacy is paramount. The Post as Anonymous feature empowers users to contribute without revealing their identity, fostering candid and open discussions.
It works as the title suggests, user’s will be able to do everything that the plugin offers but anonymously.

Advanced Attachment Features 

As a growing community you need to control how your users are uploading files to your platform. With BBP Core admins & moderators are now able to control advanced attachment features such as – file size, max number of files that can be uploaded at once, hide from unregistered visitors, assigned roles that can upload files, icons, captions, etc.

Users are also able to specify custom thumbnail sizes that are able to be uploaded. 

Pre-made Templates 

Creating forums can be a time consuming task that requires community analysis and development process. For this reason BBP Core is offering fully customizable preset Elementor templates to get your forum up and running in no time.

These templates are comprised of forum layouts of different styles and functionality with different threads and archive designs.

Elementor Widgets

These widgets seamlessly integrate with Elementor, a leading page builder, offering you even greater flexibility in designing and customizing your forum pages. 

These widgets are great for quickly inserting useful page elements such as tabbed forums, search bar, Ajax powered forums, and so much more. 

Pending Topics

Another must have feature for any public forum is to restrict spams & inappropriate posts & comments. With BBP Core Pro we’re bringing in this sensitive moderation feature to your platform, by allowing you to filter out spam & inappropriate content before it gets published to your audience. 

I’ve the Same Question Button

Modern problems require modern solutions. Instead of encouraging forum users to spam comments, what if we added a button that indicates that another user has the same question or concern?

This is a great idea for reducing spam on your website and improving your overall website spam score for SEO.


With the introduction of BBP Core Pro, we’re taking your bbPress experience to new heights. The premium features and enhancements, we’ve unveiled are designed to empower you in building and managing vibrant, engaging communities.

We believe that this upgrade will not only streamline your forum operations but also elevate user experiences, making your bbPress community stand out. The possibilities are endless, and we’re excited to see the incredible forums you’ll create.

Upgrade now to BBP Core Pro and unlock a new era of forum-building.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is BBP Core?

A: BBP Core is a powerful plugin designed to enhance the functionality of your bbPress forum. It provides a range of essential features for seamless interactions & community management.

Does Bpp Core Pro Require a Separate Plugin File?

Yes, users have to install & activate both free & pro BBP Core files in order to access the pro features.

Are there any restrictions on using BBP Core for commercial projects?

No, the free version of BBP Core is open-source and can be used for both personal and commercial projects. However, the pro version may offer additional benefits and features tailored for commercial use.

Is support available for the free version of BBP Core?

Yes, there is support available for the free BBP Core users in the form of community forum & user documentation.

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