BBP Core
Expand bbPress powered forums with useful features

BBP Core powers your forum with useful features. For example – solved topics, private replies, forum statistics, voting, attachment, custom admin dashboard, admin UI forum filters, notifications etc.

Reasons to ❤️ BBP Core

Custom Admin UI

The BBP Core admin dashboard is created to provide an exceptional forum management experience. We have gathered forum, topics under the forum and number of replies in one dashboard.

Not only that, you can filter between different topic status, e.g – open, closed, solved, pending etc. Besides you can approve pending topics and replies right from your dashboard.

Smart Notifications

See, how people are reacting, responding to your forum topics, replies or votes in one place by newest order.

You are just one click away from checking users’ feedback on forums, topics and replies. You can also switch between tabs to check either feedback votes or readers’ replies.

Voting on replies

BBP Core enables the users to vote on replies of other users. Automatically find out the most popular answer for the topic.

We have kept both upvote and downvote features, so that people can upvote and downvote. This will affect the position and rank of the replies.

Approve Pending Topics & Replies

You can approve pending topics and replies right from the BBP Core Dashboard.

One click on the checkbox mark is all you need. Your topic or pending replies will be approved.

Detailed Settings

Customize features of BBP-Core plugin to the bone. A fully customizable settings option panel. Personalize your layout.

You can even choose to enable/disable different features, e.g – Voting, private replies or attachments etc.

Private Replies

We have pushed the experience of support providers one step further. We have Private Replies feature out of the box.

Users or admins can mark a reply as private, the private reply will be seen only by the user himself and the admin of the forum.

Resolved Topics.

We have kept in mind the needs of a support forum. That is why, we have introduced Resolved topics feature in our plugin out of the box.

As soon as a topic is marked as solved, a Resolved badge will be shown on the profile. 

Attachment Feature

Attachments make things easier to understand when it comes to understanding issues of other people.

We have built in attachment feature, some advanced features are available 

Other Reasons to ❤️ BBP-Core

A Knowledge Base Where Help is Always Available. Scale your support with a help center so customers can find answers fast.

Beautiful Admin Dashboard

Intuitive and interactive dashbord. Navigation, deletion, filtering, notifications and what not.

Ultimate Support Forum

Create and manage as many forums, topics and replies as per your necessity.

Easy to Customize

Effortlessly enable/ disable features and more, customize your community. No coding required.

Dashboard Searching

Search any topic under a forum immediately in the Admin UI dashboard.

Optimized for SEO

Our code is 100% W3 validated and followed the best coding practice for SEO.

User Feedback Votes

Built-in voting feature so that readers may vote on topics and the best answer is at the top.

Designed for Community

We designed BBP-Core for the community, specially optimized to support experience.

Smart notification system

Right from the dashboard, all new topics, replies, resolved topics etc. latest information.

Attachment Features

Users can attach items along with their topic replies, so that the author can understand better.

Extensive Settings

A great deal of customizations and settings comes the plugin. For single docs, archive,  assistant etc.

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