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Money-Back Guarantee30 Days14 Days
Modern Doc Builder UIcheckcheck
Drag-n-Drop Nesting Docscheckno check
Collaboration Tool checkno check
Ajax Live Search Resultscheckcheck
Gutenberg Blockscheckcheck
Compatibility with Elementorcheckcheck
Live Customizercheckcheck
Recently Viewed Docscheckno check
Related Docscheckno check
Private/Internal Docscheckcheck
Estimated Read timecheckno check
Doc Views Countcheckno check
Feedback on Docs (Voting and Contact Form)checkcheck
Doc Badgecheckno check
Multilingual/Translation Readycheckcheck
Email Reporting(Coming Soon)check
Responsive & Retina Readycheckcheck
Font Size Switchercheckno check
Print Doc Option (on frontend)checkcheck
Drag-n-drop Sorting/Orderingcheckcheck
Share OptionsEmail, Social Sites, Copy LinkOnly Social Sites
Doc Assistantcheckcheck
OnePage Doccheckno check
Notificationscheckno check
Filter by Words/Characterscheckno check
Floating TOCno checkcheck
RTL Supportedcheckno check
Dark Moded Docscheckno check
Duplicate Docscheckno check
Conditional Dropdowncheckno check
Ajax Doc Loadingcheckno check
Advanced Doc Sidebarcheckno check
Doc Root URLcheckcheck
Book Chapter Widgetcheckno check
Unique Views Optioncheckno check