Most Powerful Knowledge base, wiki, Documentation Builder WordPress Plugin

EazyDocs is a powerful knowledge base and documentation builder plugin for WordPress. It is a complete solution for creating a knowledge base, documentation, helpdesk, support center, FAQ, wiki, and more.

Reasons to ❤️ EazyDocs

Try it Free

Try the EazyDocs premium version with various themes for Free before purchasing it.

Premium Features

Here are the features that make EazyDocs the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress Documentation builder in the market.

Footnotes Pro-max

This feature allows users to insert footnotes within their text, providing extra context and detail to the information being presented.

Doc Contributor Pro-max

Automatically detect the doc authors and show them, add new docs, edit existing docs on the front end, add & delete contributors a doc from existing users.

Doc Helper Assistant Pro

Showing instant results from docs as you type. Also, it has a contact form, which you can send an instant email to the support provider.

Notifications Pro

You can see how people are reacting, and responding to your docs in one place. Also switch between tabs to check either feedback votes or reader's comments.

OnePage Documentation Pro

Allows users to create a single-page, scrollable documentation layout. There are two variations of the layout, Classic and Fullscreen.

Ajax Doc Loading Pro

Navigate to the Doc single pages without re-loading the browser. Enhances user experience and simplifies the documentation process.

Duplicate Doc Pro

Duplicating documents eliminates the need to manually recreate a document, saving users time and streamlining the documentation process.

Bulk Visibility Pro

Control who can access their documentation, making it possible to share sensitive information only with the intended audience.

Full Helpdesk with Elementor Pro

With Elementor, you can easily create custom helpdesk pages with a wide range of functional documentation related design elements.

Users Feedback Database Pro

Get all the Users Feedback listed in the admin area. Collect feedback in one centralized location, making it easier to review and analyze.

Live Customization

Pick the layout of your choice for the docs, the number of columns on the archive page, the doc layout, the sidebar positioning, assistant colors, and what not.

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30 days money back guarantee

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Freemius secured payment system.

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15 hours real time support.