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10 September 2023

Fixed Mixitup JS console error on the admin side

Tweaked Responsive view of Feedback form improved

Tweaked Dark mode colors improved to make it more readable

Tweaked Doc single design improved (content width, left sidebar navigation active color, right sidebar width on full width mode)

03 July 2023

New French, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian language translation files are added. Now, the plugin’s strings will be translated automatically if your site language is set to any of these languages.

Tweaked Made the settings page translatable

Tweaked clear both CSS applied to the Doc bottom area on the Doc single page to avoid the overlapping issue

Tweaked Removed some unnecessary files from the plugin (options framework’s unnecessary files)

30 July 2023

Updated Freemius SDK updated 2.5.10

Updated Options framework updated to improve integration with the latest WordPress version

Updated Language .pot files

Tweaked Some design improved

16 June 2023

New Elementor Search Banner layout added in the ‘EazyDocs > Settings > Doc Single > Search Banner’ page. Now you can create/customize the doc search banner with Elementor

Fixed Next & Prev docs issue solved

Fixed Brand color wasn’t changing

Tweaked Added Tabs Arrow Icon when the tabs are more than the container width in the EazyDocs Multi Docs Elementor Widget (unlocked in Premium plan, Docy and Docly themes)

Tweaked Search banner compatibility with Docy & Docly themes improved

Tweaked Doc single page design improved (active doc item color)

Tweaked Compatibility with block/FSE themes improved

12 May 2023

Fixed JS error on the docs-single.js file 787 line number

Tweaked Compatibility with Docy theme improved (dark mode, search banner, and other minor issues)

Tweaked Some Dark mode colors are changed to improve the text readability

16 April 2023

Fixed PHP error

16 April 2023

Fixed EEE text was appending before the Ajax search result items.

Tweaked Removed the deprecated function get_page_by_title to be compatible with the WordPress version 6.2.0! Used WP_Query instead.

Tweaked Dark Mode colors improved

Tweaked Responsive design improved

04 April 2023

New Featured image show/hide option added in the EazyDocs > Settings > Doc Single > General tab

Fixed Some JS errors on the Doc single page and admin side

Tweaked Deleted some unnecessary and merged some JS files

12 March 2023

Fixed Settings page was missing on some web server

12 March 2023

Fixed The search banner background was missing and not changing custom background color and image from the Settings page

11 March 2023

Tweaked Options Visibility option changed to Switcher from Dropdwon in the Settings page

Fixed wp_mail() was conflicting with SMTP plugins.

Fixed Pro settings was not unlocking on the customizer even after activating the license key.

01 March 2023

New demo.xml file added in the include/sample-data folder

Tweaked EazyDocs Docs Builder UI RTL view improved

Tweaked Added Column changing option in Single Doc widget

Tweaked OnePage Doc design improved (unlocked in the Premium and Docy theme)

11 February 2023

New Keywords background and text color hover color change options added in the Doc Search Elementor widget

Fixed 404 Error was showing often on creating a new doc in Nginx server (CRUD operational issues solved for NGINX server)

Tweaked Language file updated

Tweaked block_categories was deprecated in WordPress 5.8.0. Replaced with block_categories_all

Tweaked Alert prompt message font size adjusted and some message text updated according to the context of task in the admin side.

Tweaked Elementor widget’s frontend design improved

Tweaked Code structure improved to make it more readable, maintainable

Tweaked Some unnecessary code and files removed

11 January 2023

Tweaked Folder open/close icon CSS improved to make compatible with image lazy loading plugins.

Tweaked Dark mode colors improved.

Updated Removed some unnecessary code

29 December 2022

Fixed Doc navigation’s active state wasn’t working with Ajax load

New [reference] shortcode added to show/create Footnotes (unlocked with Docy, Docly and EazyDocs premium). Read doc here https://tinyurl.com/2ewlorze

New Trash icon (with trashed docs count) added on the top of the Doc builder UI

Tweaked Docs builder UI design improved

Tweaked Compatibility with the EazyDocs Pro version improved

Tweaked Doc navigation active state design

Tweaked Font size switcher JS merged with the main JS file to improve the frontend loading performance

Tweaked Doc frontend view on Tablet and Mobile devices improved

Tweaked jQuery UI loading from WordPress core in the admin area to improve the admin area loading performance

Tweaked OnePage doc design improved (Unlocked in the Docy, Docly theme and EazyDocs Pro version)

13 September 2023

Updated Freemius SDK to the latest version 2.5.12

Fixed feedback_mail function php error

Fixed Multisite license activation mechanism where it would not include inactive sites in some cases

Fixed Properly acknowledge the use of the constant WP_SITEURL so that the clone resolution mechanism can work thoroughly in the necessary edge cases

10 September 2023

Fixed Adding contributor function was not working for the Ajax on scroll loaded contributor list

Fixed Private doc 404 page issue solved

Fixed Assistance contact form mail issue resolved

Tweaked Newly added contributors will be added instantly in the contributors list. No need to reload the page to see the newly added contributors.

Tweaked Glossary Doc Elementor widget design improved

Tweaked Multi Docs Elementor widget’s Flat Tabbed Docs design improved

23 July 2023

New Glossary Doc Elementor widget

17 June 2023

New Embed doc feature added. Now, you can embed any doc in any page/post using the [embed_post] shortcode (https://tinyurl.com/2k3sajt5)

Tweaked Code optimized to improve the performance

Fixed Duplicate Docs issue solved

20 April 2023

Fixed PHP Fatal error on Activation the EazyDocs Pro plugin without EazyDocs free plugin

Tweaked Freemius SDK updated to the latest version 2.5.6

14 April 2023

Tweaked Removed some unnecessary files from the plugin

Tweaked Compatibility improved with the latest EazyDocs free version

14 March 2023

Fixed PHP error was thrown if Elementor plugin isn’t active

14 March 2023

Fixed PHP error on Applying custom content in the Doc sidebar content popup

Fixed Feedback calculation issue resolved.

Tweaked Load more contributors asynchronously on scrolling down. Previously, it was loading all the contributors at once.

01 March 2023

New Elementor template library added to import the prebuilt templates (available in the Pro-MAX plan)

Fixed Freemius license issue

Fixed PHP error on the Users Feedback page in the admin dashboard

Tweaked Analytics page design and functionality improved

11 February 2023

New Analytics page added in the admin UI (Unlocked in the Pro-MAX plan)

Fixed Doc Duplicator issue solved with attachment

Fixed Editor can access Settings page even if this role not assigned to access the settings page. (Fixed)

Tweaked Footnotes design improved

Tweaked Changed the Menu name to EazyDocs Pro

Tweaked Code structure improved to make it more readable and maintainable

Tweaked OnePage Doc layouts design improved