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Absolutely not. The websites you build will continue to function without any issues. If you purchased an annual license, simply renew your license to gain updated access to premium templates and great support from our team.

If you are a lifetime customer, you can rest assured that you have lifetime updated access to premium features and our support.

We believe in and stand behind our product, but we understand that it may not always work perfectly for everyone. If you experience a problem or our product does not work as expected, we will gladly consider a refund.

Here you can find our refund policy.

Yes, exactly. You will get automatic updates.

Yes, EazyDocs can be used in FSE themes. It seamlessly integrates with your theme, allowing you to incorporate comprehensive documentation and knowledge base features directly into your website's design and functionality.

Won't. Even if you choose not to renew your license, your website will remain the same. You just won't have access to future updates and supported new features.

Yes, please check our EazyDocs playlist for video documentation. 

Not at all. EazyDocs built for performance. It delivers optimized code.

Loading only necessary CSS, JavaScript, image, font files assets on the EazyDocs pages and will not load our assets on other pages of your website.

Yes, you can! All the pricing options of the plugin allow you to use it on your client websites.

Yes, EazyDocs provides the option to restrict access to all articles only to logged-in users. 

By enabling this restriction, you can ensure that your documentation is available only to authorized individuals, enhancing privacy and control over who can view the information.

No, EazyDocs does not require Elementor to work. While EazyDocs integrates seamlessly with Elementor, it is not a mandatory requirement. EazyDocs is a standalone plugin that can be used independently to create and manage your documentation without relying on Elementor. Whether you choose to use Elementor or not, EazyDocs offers robust features and functionality to help you organize and present your documentation effectively. You have the flexibility to customize your documentation using the available templates, styles, and settings within EazyDocs itself, ensuring a user-friendly and professional documentation experience, even without Elementor.