10 Ways EazyDocs Documentation Plugin Improves Customer Support Experience


Why Good Customer Support Experience Important for Businesses

Providing a good quality customer support experience is crucial for any business’s success in retaining customers’ trust and loyalty. The moment your customers have a question or concern, you should be able to quickly and efficiently resolve it.

Sometimes, delays and unsatisfactory responses can prompt your customers to become frustrated and take their business elsewhere. 

Thus, companies must begin putting time, effort, and investments into the tools and technologies that will enable them to offer better customer service & an overall customer service ecosystem.

Sending common client inquiries to a set of well-written instructions, documentation, or a knowledge base panel is a great approach to handling most customer queries. This will also reduce the time it takes your customer service representatives to resolve support tickets.

Allowing your team to focus on more pressing matters and customer inquiries.

In essence, this strategy can save your company time and money while establishing a productive customer support environment.

Nowadays, there are many excellent programs and tools available on the market that can help you improve your customer support experience and infrastructure by creating quality documentation and knowledge bases for your products and services.

One such tool is the EazyDocs Documentation Plugin.

Boost Customer Satisfaction with the EazyDocs Documentation Plugin:

EazyDocs One of The Best WordPress Builders out rightnow

EazyDocs is a free WordPress knowledge base builder plugin that provides versatile features, including advanced configuration functionality and an intuitive dashboard for managing documentation. 

The plugin offers custom-built Gutenberg widgets for creating various pages, such as wiki pages, listicles, FAQ pages, and cheat sheets. 

The plugin is capable of creating customized layouts and can be integrated with other popular plugins and services to increase user experience. 

For example, EazyDocs can easily be integrated with any popular form builder plugin such as WP Forms or Contact Form 7 to help the customer send their questions & concerns without a hassle. 

Also, by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly knowledge base, you can empower your customers to quickly find answers to their questions and troubleshoot issues on their own. 

This not only saves time for your support team but also provides your customers with a self-service option for commonly known issues. And this is just the tip of the iceberg for an excellent helpdesk UI/UX experience for your website that a plugin like this can bring to the table. 

10 Ways EazyDocs Can Improve the Customer Support Experience:

A powerful plugin such as EazyDocs can improve your document creation process by 10 folds, but here are 10 ways it can also improve the customer support experience for your business. 

Clear & Comprehensive Documentation with a Knowledge Base Plugin

Creating clear & comprehensive documentation is crucial to providing excellent customer support. Customers & clients when they have to reach out for customer support demand quick and easy solutions. 

By redirecting your customer inquiries to well-put-together documentation or knowledge in simple wording and user-understandable layouts. Can drastically improve your customer service experience. 

Using a comprehensive plugin like EazyDocs, which enables businesses to create well-organized and easily accessible documentation that any team member can manage and update with ease, can be a game-changer for any business. 

EazyDocs Documentation Builder Plugin Screen
EazyDocs Documentation Builder Plugin Screen

Increased Efficiency with EazyDocs Documentation Builder: 

Unlike any other plugin or documentation tool for WordPress, EazyDocs doesn’t complicate the process of creating documents by integrating proprietary document editors or third-party tools. Rather than that, EazyDocs utilizes the popular Gutenberg block editor for WordPress. 

This is great since over 34% to 40% of all active websites on the internet are being powered by WordPress CMS, and most admins & moderators are well versed with the popular block editor. 

This makes creating and updating documents regularly an intuitive process for your team members. 

EazyDocs Documentation Creation with WP Block Editor

Another great part of EazyDocs is that it comes with a custom Gutenberg widget that is specially programmed to help users create documentation layouts, listicles, doc search banners, and so much more. 

Customizable Documentation Design:

Clear & Comprehensive Documentation with a Knowledge Base Plugin

The popular plugin comes in an elegant interface by default, if you already have documentation published the plugin will automatically present them in the default layout. 

And if you want to customize the documentation to reflect your business & brand identity, you can do so easily, from the EazyDocs configuration dashboard. 

Documentation Customizer Dashboard

From here, you can change everything from how your header footer looks, to documentation page layouts, archive style, color, background, shortcodes, and so much more.

This advanced settings panel can alone be a game-changer feature for your business customer support desk. 

Analytics & User Engagement Monitoring:

EazyDocs Documentation Plugin Analytics & Monitoring Tool

With features such as user ratings and comment feedback, EazyDocs allows businesses to monitor user engagement and identify areas where their documentation may be lacking or unclear. 

This enables businesses to make improvements and updates accordingly, improving the overall customer support experience.

Multilingual Support:

For any global or multinational business, multilingual support is a must-have function to operate. Especially for the customer support desk & documentation pages. 

The plugin is fully compatible with WPML multilingual translator plugin, which means you don’t have to worry about translating your pages into multiple languages. 

It can also adapt to RTL (Right To Left) language formats. 

Easy Integration with Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins: 

EazyDocs can be easily integrated with all the popular productivity plugins & services, allowing businesses to customize & expand their helpdesk pages as per requirement. 

This makes it simple to provide customers with additional resources and support, improving the overall customer support experience.

The plugin is fully integrated with the Elementor page builder plugin for robust documentation page-building experience. And Gutenberg for a comprehensive documentation editing capability.

Display single doc with child articles in Five different styles

The plugin is also compatible with every popular theme & plugin

For example, EazyDocs is compatible with: 

WPML – Helping businesses translate their documentation into multiple languages.

WP Forms, Contact Form 7 – Helping users create contact forms, customer support ticket forms, etc with ease. 

bbPress Forum – Helps users create communities & forums on their website with ease.

RankMath, Yoast SEO – Users can edit the metadata of each document & page independently using any popular WordPress SEO plugin. 


EazyDocs offers important accessibility features for its users such as keyboard navigation, keyboard shortcuts, print document function, font size switcher, etc. 

Ensuring that all customers, including those with disabilities, can easily access and use the knowledge base.


EazyDocs is a free plugin, making it a cost-effective option for small businesses and individual content creators alike. And the great part is EazyDocs doesn’t cut out its users on all the must-have features for the document creation process. 

All the important features are fully accessible on the free version. 

And if you want a more versatile customization experience, you have the option to pick up the EazyDocs premium plugin starting just at – $49/ Year for a single site, and can be customized to meet your individual requirement. 

24/7 Availability:

With EazyDocs, customers can access documentation & support resources 24/7 from anywhere on the globe, providing them with the accurate information they need at any time of day.

This improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, as customers do appreciate the ability to access support & resources at their convenience.

Internal Protected Documentation: 

Another excellent use case for a plugin such as EazyDocs is its capability of creating password-protected internal documentation for business employees only. With the help of this productivity plugin users can create internal resources and training material for team members and newcomers alike. 

Saving time and money is crucial for businesses, as is the ability to password-protect critical corporate documentation. 

To Wrap It Up,

By implementing a powerful documentation plugin like EazyDocs, you can improve your customer support dramatically. 

With this plugin customers will be able to find answers to their questions and troubleshoot issues by themselves, saving your support team time and making your customer experience more efficient.

Moreover, this creates a positive customer experience that can lead to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, & improved Return on sales (ROS). 

Investing in tools and technologies that can help your business provide better customer support can help it achieve consistent growth and flourish over time. 

Taking your customer support experience to the next level is as easy as installing EazyDocs, a powerful helpdesk plugin, and customizing it to fit your brand identity.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding EazyDocs

  • Is EazyDocs difficult to configure & use?

    No, page customization is handled through Elementor’s integration with EazyDocs. Gutenberg to edit and customize the documentation content, and an advanced yet simple interface to configure its settings from the WordPress dashboard.

  • Can EazyDocs be customized to match my business branding?

    Absolutely. EazyDocs comes with customization options that allow you to customize the look and feel of your documentation to match your brand’s aesthetic. You can also add your own custom CSS to further personalize the design.

  • Does EazyDocs offer any customer support?

    Yes, EazyDocs offer customer support, resources, & documentation on how to use the plugin.

  • Is EazyDocs easy to use for businesses without technical experience?

    It’s right in the name, anyone with basic knowledge of using WordPress, Elementor, or Gutenberg can easily work with EazyDocs.

  • Is EazyDocs a free documentation builder?

    Yes, EazyDocs comes with both free & premium versions of the plugin. The free version offers all the necessary features & functions required to create & publish documentation. And the EazyDocs pro version unlocks additional customization features for a versatile helpdesk experience.

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